Thursday, June 1, 2017


Oscar Wilde once wrote and I quote “we are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars”. A strong statement letting us understand we have the capacity to imagine great feats of achievements. All that is left is making our imaginations a reality and making it as great as it can possibly be.
Thinking big is basically the act of planning, imagining, and thinking boundlessly and without limitations(a personal definition).
Before I delve right into the article, it is paramount that you set your mind loose and let it wander….let it wander to the magnificence of your very existence, to the inexplicability of how one plants an apple seed and it grows into an Apple tree which then brings forth fruits that bring forth even more seeds(and many more of nature’s mysteries). Take a minute off this post, close your eyes and let your great mind wander(and wonder too).
NOW that your mind has escaped into a higher realm I need not tell you to think outside the box because there really is NO BOX.
At this point you possess the right state of mind to scale your ideas and think bigger than you did yesterday…and even bigger as the days go by.
Here are 6 basic steps to thinking big.

1. Let the right thoughts fill your mind: similar to the exercise in the third paragraph above, fill your mind with positive stimulating thoughts that place your mind in an elevated state. Shut out all negative thoughts and emotions for they are indeed limiting. Truth is, we are somewhat imbibed into whatever we constantly think about. Napoleon Hill said, “The mind is a CREATURE OF HABIT, it thrives upon the dominating thoughts FED IT.” A profound statement I'm sure we can all relate to.

2. Set out time (as often as needed) to let your mind SOAR THE CLOUDS OF INFINITE POSSIBILITIES. You will need a preferred time and place where you will be far from distractions or at least somewhere you can concentrate, a place where your heart, mind and total being is in constant harmony. I for instance, love the dark, quiet early mornings that make me feel I'm the only soul on earth.

3. Bring your self to a meditative state: once you've found harmony with your external environment it is time to do the same with your inner being. The more you meditate on something, the more you’re influenced by it; then your mind can connect the dots between possible and “seemingly impossible”.

4. Find motivation: This is extremely key. Motivation is the fuel of the mind. By all means seek yours and find it. Some may find it in achievements of top individuals trailblazing the field they seek to do exploits, in books, in movies, even in emotions (emotions both good and bad, when converted through the right means, are invaluable motivators). By all means find yours. You could also be motivated by multiple sources. Indeed, the more the merrier.

5. Run your ideas by a mentor you trust, one you believe in, one that will multiply them and not divide them, one that will add and not subtract from them. One that will help expand your mind and not shrink it’s capacity.

6. Strive for perfection/constantly break barriers. Constantly beat your own records. Be in competition with yourself to be better than you were yesterday.

It is not sufficient to think big. To complete the process, you must also think of the plans to achieve this feat WITHOUT SCALING BACK DOWN.
You must think enough about it till you see it in your dreams. At this point, the things you don't even know you see, your mind captures them and stores them in the IDEA ARCHIVE to be brought forth to your conscious mind on request when you meditate.
After successfully planning how to achieve your big thoughts, you may ask how to begin to execute them. I'd say, firstly: read my last post(with a grin). Secondly and more seriously: CHANCE FAVOURS THE PREPARED MIND. Once you're prepared and equipped with the accurate details required, when chance, opportunities arise, you can grasp them with wide open arms (smiles).

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