Thursday, May 25, 2017


This is my first blog post and I want to start by welcoming you to this page. You are probably here because you seek something, you seek the drive to make sure you forge ahead and succeed; you seek the drive that’ll take you to the next level. I want to let you know that if you truly seek, here, between these words you shall find that push you need to start that journey. The time has finally come for you to TAKE ACTION to SUCCEED.
To keep it simple I want to let you know that every enterprise, endeavor, conglomerate or individual that succeeds started its/his/her journey as a mere idea. To be honest having the idea is the easy part…everyone has ideas. But the transmutation of these ideas into reality is the beginning of the struggle. Between the transmutations of ideas to successful realities, there are many attributes involved and I tell you, ALL who have succeeded have used ALL of these attributes or rules if you may. These rules are indeed the most rudimentary tools that are ever effective when turning ideas into something of a reality. Now, the truth is usually hiding in plain sight but the reality is that IT IS NOT WHAT WE LOOK AT THAT MATTERS, IT IS WHAT WE SEE. People may look at an artwork and have different interpretations of what the artist has in mind or when people look at you they may see just you but when YOU look in the mirror, you must see a STAR. So also when normal unambitious people see these rules which are in this article, they may see it as the usual rant but when a true seeker of success see these, they must see the GOLDEN PATHWAY to success. So keep your eyes sharp and your mind tuned as to see how you can input these rules in order to transmute that great idea in your mind to a worthwhile reality.
1. FEED THAT IDEA DAILY – Now, when I say feed, I mean feed it. Feed it every single second you can daily. Feed it with CONSTANT RUMINATION and CONSTANT MEDITATION and feed it by STRATEGIC PLANNING. And please by all means during this period avoid all things and people that will discourage you and your idea or goal otherwise such an idea is literally aborted for it will die before being born. It is paramount that you believe in your idea and have absolute faith in it otherwise you will be blown in any direction the wind does and so will the goal or idea till it is lost. Make sure your idea gets better and bigger by the day. Another major part of feeding your idea, which is the most important, is that YOU MUST PUT PEN TO PAPER. I cannot overemphasize this. Create a file, or a book dedicated solely to that idea [name the file or book thusly], always keep it close to you at all times, by your bed, even in the toilet [trust me inspiration is no respecter of location] and write down the results of your constant rumination and meditation.
2. ACTION! After a good deal of grooming your idea [please do this diligently but smartly without using a lifetime to plan] it is time to take action! Personally, I believe this is the major reason why certain people that have had great ideas for years are still mediocre today. There is a saying which goes thus; tell the world what you intend to do, but first SHOW THEM! Never, ever, ever……ever wait for the time to be right or for situations to be most favorable, never! Trust me the best time is now! Situations may never be more favorable as far as life is concerned for we know not the future. Not to undermine planning at all by all means plan WELL but do take action earnestly, especially when you have the fresh zeal and inspiration, pulsing in your veins, that’s the time you have the most fuel to act. They say entrepreneurs are those that jump off a cliff and create a parachute while they fall. This is because they are calculated risk and action takers. You must get off those two butt cheeks of yours and move! Taking action commits you powerfully to your goal. Take that first step and the other steps will indefinitely follow. This is not limited to business people or entrepreneurs at all. Students that seek the top spot in class MUST PLAN AND TAKE ACTION, career men and woman that seek promotions must PLAN AND ACT, the list goes on. In all spheres of life this is vital and applicable.
3. DON’T STOP! PERSEVERE, PERSIST; Now that you have started, keep going no matter the odds. This is probably the hardest part-staying true to the cause. Now, Paul in his first epistle to the Corinthians said “know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize? So run that ye may obtain”. In the general sense, a lot of people are running but only those that persist and persevere can receive the prize of success. We start a lot of things but do we finish them? This is one thing that distinguishes successful people from others. Do you roll over on your back, show your belly and give up every time tribulations arise? To succeed one must persevere. We have heard a thousand times how Thomas Edison [who had only about three months of formal schooling] failed 10,000 times before he was able to create the light bulb that we all celebrate till date but what do we take out of it? His success only happened because of his FAITH IN HIS GOAL and his DOGGED PERSEVERANCE AND PERSISTENCE. You must stay true to your goal/idea! QUITTERS NEVER WIN AND WINNERS NEVER QUIT!
4. DILIGENCE; THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO TRUE SUCCESS WITHOUT HARD WORK(Please, work hard but also work smart). For every endeavor/person to be OUTstanding you must be willing to OUTwork the regular workers in the same field. To be EXTRAordinary, you must work EXTRA than the ordinary. When you hear big achievers like Albert Einstein, Nichola Tesla, Leonardo Davinci say they only slept say three or four hours a day it becomes evident that they were work hungry and were absolutely willing to put in the EXTRA HARD WORK required attaining the incredible fits of achievements they did. They were not only willing; they actually DID put in the extra work! They had diligence and discipline as part of their DNA; they had hard work flowing in their veins. Till date all great achievers are DILIGENT WORK MONGERS. Michael Phelps for instance, the greatest Olympic swimmer to date swims approximately 80 kilometers daily! It is not farfetched that he is the most decorated Olympian of all time with 28 medals and also holds the all-time record for most Olympic gold medals with a whopping 23 gold medals and he is only 32 years old as at the date of this post. He is also worth $55 million [#22 billion NGN]. Such can only be achieved by true diligence. Another great example is the richest man in Africa doubling as the richest black man in the world- Aliko Dangote. He works and average 18 hours a day and sleeps only about 3 or 4 hours daily and hasn’t taken a vacation in 14 years. This is a man worth $12.2billion and can take a vacation to anywhere in the galaxy literally but diligence keeps him working daily. I need not say more as to how invaluable diligence and hard work is to success. To conclude, I must say that it is certain that if you follow these rules, success is imminent. As is commonly said, WISDOM IS NOT IN WHAT YOU KNOW, ITS IN WHAT YOU DO WITH WHAT YOU KNOW. At this point the world is yours to conquer. Good luck. Do share comments below.


  1. Great educating write up! Very motivating

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